SCSI lab (Spatial Computing for Sustainable Infrastructure laboratory) is conducting researches in the operation and maintenance of sustainable infrastructure using location measurement technology and mapping technology, as well as spatial information production, processing, management, analysis and various application fields.

Prof. Heo

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Yonsei University

Office : N505, Engineering Hall A

Phone : +82-2-2123-5797

E-Mail : jheo@yonsei.ac.kr

About Prof. Heo





Massive point cloud and data from various sensors are processed to develop 3D spatial model which includes geometric and context information. 3D spatial model will be the platform for applying key technologies and algorithms of 4th industrial revolution. We are engaged in research on the accurate construction and utilization of spatial information that will have a major impact on the future life of human beings and changes in the way infrastructure operates.

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Data collected from various fields are analyzed in diverse aspects and also in spatial manners. Applying data from different fields could provide advanced solution. SCSI Lab is working on various spatial data analysis including smart infrastructure, influential factor analysis, public health analysis. We are also working on precision construction, manpower management, Materials management technology using cutting-edge indoor mapping technology.

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